Victor Barbella

Graphically Speaking...transform your words, thoughts, feelings or ideas into innovation, connection, insight, realization and understanding through visual imagery .


Graphic Facilitation (presentations, meetings, retreats, conferences or negotiation sessions), Graphic Recording (presentations, meetings, retreats, conferences or visioning sessions), Group Facilitation Tools and Products (including visual templates and interactive formats), POWERful Powerpoint consulting and design
Communications Expertise: AEA & SAG professional actor (25 years), Leadership Consulting and Development (14 years), ICF Certified Leadership and Life Coach: ACC, CCACC, Learning and Development/Education Background: Public school teacher, seminar/workshop leader, teaching artist (30 years)

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Victor Barbella is a speaker, coach and consultant with diverse and extensive experience in learning and development and the arts. Currently, he works as a senior consultant and coach with one of the nation’s top companies in leadership development, Ariel, where he coaches global executives on leadership style, Read More


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