My area of expertise is health care and strategic planning / visioning with boards and executives, primarily in North America. I collaborate with meeting facilitators and planners to ensure graphic recording is integrated with the format of the meeting and the style of facilitation. A successful meeting is one where graphic recording isn't just an "add on" but a key component to the discussion and planning process. This includes significant prep-work prior to a meeting to ensure I understand the organization's background, topics being discussed, and stakeholders in the room. I also work closely with the meeting facilitator to design custom layouts or graphic templates that will help enhance and guide the discussion.

I also design and produce whiteboard animations and stop-motion animations. These are excellent at explaining complex topics in a simple and engaging video -- great for posting on your organization's website or sharing through social media.

As a member of "gen Y" I also bring an energetic drive and cutting edge tech-savvy to my work.  I thrive on creative uses of technology and new ways of blending and using graphic recording, technology, and videos.


Graphic Recording, Whiteboard Videos, Stop-Motion Animation, Infographics, Motion Graphics Animation


Health Care, Strategic Planning with Boards & Executives, Community Engagement, First Nations, Government, Patient Journey Mapping