STINA BROWN is an accomplished meeting and retreat designer, facilitator, visual practitioner and consultant.

WHO Works with Stina?
*Executive Directors, Board Chairs, managers, or heads of companies who are responsible to lead your teams to a new level of engagement, relevance and success.
*Virtual Teams, Networks, Associations, “Learning Communities”, and groups of colleagues
*Consulting professionals, facilitators, entrepreneurs and educators, committed to taking your vision, your meetings or your own effectiveness to the "next level".
*Designer-facilitators or strategic, management or organizational development consultants looking for a dynamic and energized partner to help execute a well-designed, visually memorable, highly relational meeting or event – with or without Graphic Recording.

SERVICES: Design, Visual Facilitation and Consulting for Leadership Teams:
Stina has been designing and leading custom meetings and retreats since 2010. She listens to the needs of her clients and puts the full breadth of her skills to work on her client’s behalf.
* Custom Retreat Design and Facilitation
* Strategic Visioning and Planning
* Visual Facilitation Training
* Facilitation and Visual Facilitation
* Graphic Recording and In-Studio Graphic Charts
* Workplace Culture, Team and Community Building
* Engagement Strategy and Coaching

See what Stina's clients are saying:

Stina is proud to have contributed a chapter to the anthology, published July 2016:
Drawn Together Through Visual Practice, edited by Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird, Sam Bradd and Jennifer Shepherd   


Lead Designer, Facilitator, Trainer, Graphic Facilitator/Recorder


Training, Retreat Designer/Host and Facilitator, Strategic Visioning and Planning, Drawing, Painting, Writing