Stephanie Crowley is founder of Chrysalis Studios, a California and Nevada-based graphic recording firm that specializes in visual methods to assist in the sharing of ideas between individuals.  Stephanie creates murals and large-scale information graphics in real time during group events to capture meeting content, conversation, strategy, and brainstorming ideas.  These murals capture the group wisdom as the conversation unfolds, helping to convey reams of information efficiently. The murals provide anchors to key themes, which enables richer solution generation for business issues.  Since graphic recording is multi-dimensional, the murals help achieve more depth in strategic planning initiatives & creative brainstorming.  The use of metaphor in illustration can assist in making complex concepts much simpler and easier to remember.  Most importantly, graphic recording takes the emphasis off of individuals in the meeting and focuses it on the thoughts and ideas being generated so that all feel a sense of ownership.

The end result brings an exciting and distinctive visual component to events.  The attention to the visual aspects of a group event can make the difference between ‘just another meeting as usual’ to the kind of event that becomes the standard by which others are measured – for energy, participation, outcomes, and follow through!

Stephanie’s work has been featured and published in The Harvard Business Review’s September 2010 issue, article titled “Bored of Powerpoint? Try this Instead.”  Her 15 years in the graphic recording field have taken her across the globe throughout North America, Europe, China, Turkey, Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East; working with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies, to notable non-profit organizations, to government agencies. 


Graphic notetaking, real-time mural creation onsite during events, in-studio murals of client prepared content (ppt, doc, etc.) or video content, time lapse videos, multitude of printed products of murals created during events


15 years of real-time graphic recording / visual support at events.


English, conversational French