A "naturalized Texan" living in Austin, My background includes training as a therapist/social worker, calligrapher and fine artist. If not sketching, drawing and painting (free lance or for pleasure) in my studio, I am teaching sketching, calligraphy and visual art journal classes locally, and througout the USA, Canada and Italy.  Training in graphic recording and sketchnotetaking (is that all one word?) has broadened my "portfolio" career--and It is wonderful to have discovered a field where i can employ my skills as a facilitator, teacher artist and calligrapher. 

My passions include: drawing, painting, writing, swimming, dancing in the Austin Samba School and traveling to Ghost Ranch, NM (where I work as the program coordinator for Literally Letters) and La Romita School of Art, in Umbria, Italy, where I teach every other year. 


Sketchnotes, Graphic Recording, Custom Hand Lettering & Calligraphy, Illustrated Quotes & Maps, Sketch Art Journal classes throughout USA, Canada and Italy


Sketchnotes, Calligraphy & Custom Hand Lettering, Graphic Recording, Teaching Custom Hand Lettering