Hi, I'm Sam Bradd.

I’m a graphic facilitator and specialist in information design. I use visuals to help groups be better at what they do. In the last 15 years, I’ve collaborated with the World Health Organization, Google, Indigenous organizations and researchers on four continents. I co-edited the new book Drawn Together Through Visual Practice to help facilitators and visual thinkers deepen their knowledge. I have a Masters in Education (University of British Columbia).  

At Drawing Change, we believe in visual communication for a better world.

In times of complexity – groups need better ways of connecting. Better ways of understanding information. And that’s where our award-winning visuals come in. We’re a one-stop agency for visual facilitation, group facilitation, illustration and research knowledge translation.

Our clients make the world a better place, supporting health, education, Indigenous organizations, governance, and innovative private sector businesses. We amplify their work by transforming complex information, reports, strategic planning, and meetings – into something joyful.  

The Drawing Change team includes members who can work in the US/Canada, specialize in working with Indigenous communities, and provide bilingual French/English graphic recording. 

We believe in:

  • Creativity: There’s not one answer to a problem: creativity helps us work within complexity
  • Thinking visually: Visuals help people see what they mean, and increase engagement
  • Excellence: Presenting your ideas in compelling ways, and with continual improvement
  • Engagement: Interactive learning leads to better results  
  • Community: We collaborate with people who lead with their values
  • Cultural Competency: Not a finish line but a process, we practice cultural humility to address inequities

We combine skillful facilitation and visual tools to help groups engage, solve problems, and communicate complex ideas. Together, we’re drawing change. Contact us at hello@drawingchange.com.


Graphic facilitation, Graphic recording, Infographics , Knowledge translation, Workshops , Facilitation and Agenda Design


Illustrating complex, abstract ideas, Graphic facilitation, Graphic Recording, Teaching Graphic Facilitation , Working with cultural safety , US/ Canada/ International / United Nations


English, Bilingual team members: French/English