Hi, I'm Reilly!

As a graphic facilitator, I have supported clients on four continents since 2008. Recent collaborations include projects with Context Management Consulting, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Dialogos, InVision, the World Design Organization and WWF. 

I grew up in Canada and I'm currently based in Mexico City. I work in English and Spanish. My background in education and interdisciplinary studies informs a focus on learning and creativity. I believe visuals, created in the room as part of a social process, are incredibly powerful and can help us shift the ways we think, the ways see ourselves and the world, and the ways we act. Part of my role is to bring a quality of attention and listening that supports others in recognizing and tapping into their potential, and creates openings for more spacious possibilities.


Graphic Recording, Digital scribing, Workshop Facilitation, Explainer Videos


Graphic recording in English and Spanish


English, Spanish, French