My superpower is working with other people to understand complex systems—and then creating useful illustrations and videos that guide people to do the next right thing.

Through Alphachimp University, I teach other people how to turn ideas into images through online and onsite workshops on graphic recording and visual facilitation skills.

1. To help people who help people.
2. To play in the messy intersection of visual facilitation, digital tools and brain-based learning.
3. To join in the human struggle to figure out the next right thing to do!

SPECIALTIES: MG Taylor DesignShop™ facilitation environments, The Artist Way at Work™ methodology, graphic facilitation, product design, strategy design, strategic planning,  information graphics, ideation process, innovation, future scan, customer experience, brand strategy, complexity theory and application, game theory, military war games, ethnographic research, storyboarding, animation, social enterprise, basically dreaming while awake + playing while working.

Full bio and CV at https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterdurand


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitator, Lead Facilitator, Trainer, Educator, Virtual Scribing, Explainer Videos


Healthcare Informatics, DesignShop™ Facilitation, Explainer Videos, Online Course Design