Patricia Kambitsch is an author, illustrator, teacher, and multidisciplinary artist.  As a graphic facilitator, Patricia enjoys the challenge of bringing visual clarity to complex issues and wicked problems.  Patricia serves as Partner at The Redesign Network , a design and research firm for human systems innovation. Patricia is also the founder of Visual Thinkers Toronto, a cross- disciplinary community of practice that works to expand capacity in visual communication.

As a facilitator, Kambitsch explores and promotes tools for dialogue available through the visual arts, theatre, creative movement, and dance.

Current projects:
Founder of Visual Thinkers Toronto, a cross disciplinary community of practice that expands capacity in visual communication.

 Steward of Design with Dialogue , a Toronto-based community of practice that develops leadership and facility in co-creating positive social and organizational change.

Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, a research group at OCADU whose purpose is to develop a toolkit for sustainable business. Kambitsch serves as storytelling consultant.

DJ and facilitator for Ecstatic Dance Thursdays, a regular free form dance event in Toronto.



Graphic Recording,Graphic Facilitator,Visual Practitioner,Trainer,Educator, sketchnotes, illustration


conferences, team meetings, presentations, knowledge translation