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From Master in Fine Arts to an MBA which lead to Visual Thinking via Design Thinking at the French dschool.

Creative and challenge-driven leader, with a natural ability to facilitate dialogue and balance between various stakeholders and across cultural boundaries.

With over decade working in the cultural industry alongside artists up to leading a pioneering art fair in Europe and New York. This allowed me to help them bring their Art & creative vision to life, from vision emergence to the actual artwork. We collaborated in every step of the process from ideation, through R&D, planning and overseeing production of artworks up to having it installed in shows around the world. This experience has helped me gain close collaborative skills, leading teams as well as being used to brainstorm and build on each other's work. All this was possible through a clear and concise work all made possible through visual means of communications as when working with complex, multi cultural or highly technical teams. 

I am an internationally brought-up professional with living experience in the US, France and Belgium. Thanks to my Master in Fine Arts and my background as an artist, I evolved in the business side of the Art World, specializing in project management, branding, talent scouting, strategic planning. 

In 2014 I created workshops on "What is Visual Thinking" for Paris-Est which lead me to launch OJCP in 2016. My goal is to combine my creative qualities with the expertise gathered over the years and during my MBA to help organizations find innovative solutions based on human centered design and Visual Thinking. These methodologies and my unique background give me special insights in regards to user experience & visual thinking and can easily be applied to all industries.



Graphic facilitation, graphic recording and training consultancy


Graphic Facilitation, Visual Thinking workshops, Strategic alignment, Storytelling, Company culture changes


Native French , English