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Nora Herting is co-founder of ImageThink. Featured in TED Talks, on the Today Show, and in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, ImageThink has visualized the big ideas of some of the most influential companies and thought leaders on four continents in thirteen countries.  Herting has worked for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to NASA. Google CEO Larry Page’s liked her visual recording of his talk so much that he framed it for his office.

Nora's first book, Draw Your Big Ideas, co-authored with Heather Willems, hits bookstore this spring. It contians over  150 drawing exercises tailored to brainstorming, refining, and executing ideas. Nora has given workshops and spoke on the effectiveness of working visually at SXSW, Google, Disney Animation Studios and more. 

 One of her proudest moments as a graphic recorder was learning that Google CEOLarry Page hung her visual summary over his desk. When she is not wieldingmarkers, Nora is behind her camera, exhibiting her photography and dreaming new visions for ImageThink.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitator, Workshops, Conferences, Hand-Drawn Infographics, Videos, Presentation Design , Facilitation


Strategic Planning, Trainings on Visual Thinking, Graphic Faciliation, Graphic Recording