Matt Orley is an experienced left and right brain visual thinker with hands on experience in technology, interiors, web, fashion and social enterprise.  Dubbed a Strategic Graphic Designer by an enthusiastic client, he works as a graphic recorder, graphic facilitator to improve enthusiasm and interaction of meeting and event attendees.

Matt's experience in graphic recording includes clients in the following areas: Fortune 500 Tech Companies, Law Firms, Community Groups, Churches, Expositions and Conferences, Industrial Symposiums and healthcare industry participants.


I had no idea what you guys were talking about until he drew it for me.

Please Visit his website  Big Paper Strategy for more information.


Graphic Recording, Strategic Vision Casting Illustration, Design Thinking / Innovation and Brainstorming Events, Process Maps and Customer Journeys, Event Canvas Design


Technology Explanation, IoT, Industry 4.0, Web Services, Innovation, Listening and Compression, Multi-Day and Multi-Speaker Events