Lynn has been recording for fifteen years. Working with markers and paper, she uses hand written text, icons, and images to craft a visual record. More than just a simple record of the content of a convening, panel discussion, brainstorming, presentation, team meeting, graphic recording captures the spirit of the energy in the room. Lynn’s gift is her ability to listen deeply, to capture the very essence of ideas and insights, and to make the connections between them. Doesn’t matter what the topic or the size or make up of the group, Lynn’s work allows a group to see a conversation take place and brings a meeting to life as only visual communication can.


Lynn’s work is archived in the Smithsonian Institution. She has been a guest lecturer and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, California College of the Arts DMBA program as well as Stanford University's MBA program. She is a former president (2013-2015) of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners  (www.ifvp.org), the global organization of people like her.



Graphic Recording,Visual Practitioner,Trainer