As a graphic recorder, Lucinda works all over the country providing exciting visual support for seminars, ideation sessions, strategic planning, visualizations, workshops, speeches -- any form of creative conversation. Created live, on site, her drawings distill the complex content of the meeting into easily understandable bites that spark participants’ interest, comprehension and awareness and help them stay focused. 

Her recording style draws on a large mental image bank formed through years of experience as an illustrator, resulting in recordings that are colorful, intelligent and filled with descriptive metaphor that stimulates and engages participation during the meeting and sharpens attendees’ retention of meeting content afterwards.  

With an emphasis on the conceptual and metaphorical, her illustration has appeared in editorial, educational and informational print and web products for diverse clientele including Academy for Educational Development (AED), Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), Eagle Publishing, Georgetown University Press, President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, National Safe Kids Campaign, The American Red Cross, USDA Design Center, and Wall Street Journal. She also has special expertise in the illustration of global educational and instructional materials in the areas of health, safety and literacy. 

She holds Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees in illustration from Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts and lives the Washington, DC area. She is a member and past president of the Illustrators Club of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.


Graphic Recording, Visual Practitioner, Educator