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I am a graphic recorder, support facilitator and information designer with a background in marketing, information graphics, instructional design, mapping and process/service design. I focus on recording events and working internally with Fortune 1000 companies by visualizing their needs with internal process, ideation and change management.

I have graphically recorded presentations at events such as:

Steve Case of America Online
JB Pritzker of Hyatt Hotels
Kaaren Hanson of Facebook 
Soledad O'Brien of NBC, CNN
John Burke, CEO of Trek Bikes
Kelly Ritchie, VP of Lands' End
Eric Weiner of NPR
Richard Reeves of The Brookings Institution
TedX Madison
Content Jam Chicago


Degree: BFA, Design
College: School of Visual Arts, New York, NY and the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Post Graduate: Visual Journalism, independent study
I can graphically record speeches, conference panels, brainstorm/ideation sesssions using a wide variety of materials to suit the client's needs:

Classic materials such as markers on large foamcore sheets, roll paper, flip chart sticky pads, sketch pads and pre-designed templates.

iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil with various software, typical workflow is analog sketch then to Adobe Illustrator for vector versions.

Keynote speeches
Ted Talks
World Café
Intent Sessions
Ideation & New Product Development Sessions
Empathy Mapping
Small Group Rounds
Large Group Dialogues
Post event capture documents can be provided as refined drawings, whiteboard videos, artifacts in a PDF, PowerPoint or individual digital files (jpeg or vector).
Follow up engagements such as information design projects, strategy visualization, marketing communications, icon libraries and additional projects to extend the knowledge into broader applications to employees, stakeholders and customers.



Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Information & Icon Design, Instruction Design, Process Design


Graphic recording for events & meetings, Graphic facilitation support for corporate meetings, Information design for marketing and branding, Instruction design to improve customer experience