Jessica has worked on strategic planning, multi-stakeholder engagement and leadership development initiatives with clients in a host of industries, including banking/financial services, energy, arts, biotech, government, education, healthcare, law, and media, as well as family legacy and leadership planning engagements.

Using her skills in deep listening, information synthesis, and intuitive visual processing, Jessica makes group conversation visible. The real-time visual record of a meeting that she creates optimizes group learning and productivity. Her visual records illuminate the collective wisdom of the group, create understanding among multiple, contradictory and complex data, acknowledge individual contribution by reflecting what is being voiced by each person, and build commitment through high participation in meeting processes.

Jessica travels the country designing and recording highly complex senior-level meetings for clients that range from Fortune 500 multi-national corporations to governmental agencies and family foundations.  She is a highly effective meeting process designer and facilitator with extensive experience in the areas of strategy formation, change management, and scenario planning. 


Graphic Facilitator, Graphic Recording, Lead Facilitator, Visual Practitioner


Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Facilitation, Strategy Formation, Change Management, Scenario Planning, History Mapping