Hello, my name is Claudia.   I'm strategist, blogger, visual practitioner and maker of things. 

Fostering connection is what drives the work I do and partnership is the name of my game. So you get more than a visual output when we work together. I’m an experienced strategic planning professional who can help guide your thinking through the use of visual tools. So you get a visual and thinking partner that is collaborative and has a commitment to help you succeed, while still having a little bit of fun, laughs and creative magic.  My ultimate goal is to help you and your teams make sense of ideas, think more creatively and collaborate better. 

What I believe:  I believe great things happen when we come together in authentic, creative collaboration. To do that we need a change in mindset, we need to balance intuition with logic, vision with pragmatism and creativity with analysis, we need to allow ourselves to be genuine lower the guard and embrace the process of exploring, discovering and creating with others. I call this "getting on the right mind" and this state of mind can be triggered by visual thinking and any other kind of right brain function. 

What I value:  Authenticity, honesty, ingenuity, partnership and adventure. 

If you are looking for someone that is: Creative, ingenious, a strategic thought partner, easy to work with, energetic, personable  and engaging in front of groups,  look no more! I'm your gal and would love to connect with you and see what we can come up with.

What I'm great at: Helping others think strategically, work through ideas & process with intention and ensure that that their ideas connect in cohesive ways, to others, and to their ultimate intention. I'm also a visionary, I love ideas and I'm default is to see the potential in your ideas. 

What I have experience on:   A combo background on international business, marketing, communications strategy, leadership coaching and social justice work allows me be attuned to the needs of a diverse range of clients big or small, whether it be foundations, education organizations, NGOs, non-profits or companies. When we work together you can count on me bringing:

           • Business acumen and strategic thinking to our planning conversation and to the meeting itself.

           • Sensitivity to the diversity of people, culture and ideas.

           • Thoughtful partnership to foundations and organizations in the social justice field, stemming from a solid understanding of race equity, feminist and intersectionality work

           • Plus, being bilingual in Spanish and English allows me to do the work in either language!


On a personal note: Mother to a baby girl I call "Bean" from whom I draw lots of inspiration and love for life.   I’m a Latina born and raised in Mexico with a home base in Brooklyn and happy to travel and join you where you are!

Best advice I've received:

 "KEEP IT SIMPLE. Simple is always better."

I got this from my dad, who, everytime he saw me making something too elaborate and lofty, he would come in to remind me that simple always works better; And when I followed his advice, they always did!





Graphic facilitation & recording, strategic illustration, digital sketchnotes & recording , Creative jumpstarts and visual thinking trainings, Check out more details here: http://bit.ly/2xZCcBX


Communication strategy, Ideation, Collaborative practices, Training, Deep understanding of equity & social justice field. Particularly around race, gender, immigration, and intersectionality of movement efforts


English, Spanish