I believe in the power of drawing and imagination. As a visual facilitator, I bring expertise in visual thinking, visual storytelling, design thinking, art, and creative consulting to every project. I continually deepen and refine my facilitation practice through related careers as an artist, writer, designer, and teacher/facilitator. I help organizations and individuals tap into their highest potential for successes aligned with their truest intentions.

Two taglines describe my practice through SeeShape.com: "See thought. Shape vision. Focus action" and "Artful vision. Heartfelt action." The first speaks to the power of visual thinking and to a practical process for productive facilitation. The second speaks to the power of visual feeling and to an intuitive process for manifesting deep change. We humans are whole-body thinkers and learners. Visual practices, at their best, facilitate left brain / right brain thinking, creativity, and innovation. They encourage empathy, emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, and reflection. I bring sensibilities as a painter and illustrator to all visual meeting facilitation, yet my purpose in this role is not "to make art." Rather, the magic of visual facilitation is "to elicit and make visible, tangible, and actionable" from the voiced discoveries, palpable energy, and unspoken themes and revelations.

My education includes an MFA in Writing and Literature in Fiction, MA in Creative Arts Interdisciplinary, and BFA in Commercial Art. My client list includes Fortune 100 companies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs across all industries. I am an exhibiting painter and the author of "A Painter's Garden: Cultivating the Creative Life." With my husband, Dennis Hysom, I am the co-creator of "Wooleycat's Musical Theater" (book with song CD) and "Nature Maestro" environmental education app suite for iOS.

What clients are saying:

“This is wonderful! Your comments and insights are great and important! One interesting side benefit with this process... the request to dream asks that an individual become vulnerable. This vulnerability (if honored – which you did so well!) creates trust. I believe our teams have a more enriched relationship because of this trust.” C-level executive, Fortune 500 corporation

“How amazing! We were just talking yesterday about how profound the changes were. Everyone is marveling at the things that have opened up. Hoping to see even more profound results in the coming months, as everyone is back from vacation and fully focused and charged. Thank you so much!” Founding partner, 10-person firm

“Your visuals made the meeting!” Senior Excellence Leader, major corporation


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