We offer our clients a range of services targeted at creating the conditions for learning, participation, and commitment in any group process. A meeting with Illustrating Progress may include any of these combinationS:

  • We design compelling activities and tools to support reflection, team-building and other planning efforts.
  • We draw live conversations and presentations to map ideas throughout a planning process or gathering. This is often called graphic recording. 
  • We develop infographics and storyboards to illustrate complex ideas and processes.

Visual storytelling and creative facilitation tools can be used together to create a powerful learning experience, engage all participants in a meeting, and result in illustrations that can be shared outside of the meeting to help others understand what was discussed.

Chrissie is an organizational development practitioner and illustrator.  Her interest in organizational development is founded in deeper levels of listening, cultivating behaviors and mindsets necessary for transformative change, and supporting innovation by creating spaces for thinking and creativity. 

She studied studio art and art history at Temple University (B.A.), and later, arts administration at Drexel University (M.S.). 

Chrissie has a background in nonprofit management which she applied to a career in institutional philanthropy and capacity-building for more than 200 nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia from 2007 to 2015.

She serves as adjunct faculty in PCOM's Organizational Development and Leadership Master's program where she co-teaches The Adaptive Leader's Toolkit: A Lab fo Collaborative Action

You can see more of her illustration work at www.chrissiebonner.com or on her instagram page.





Meeting Design & Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitator,Lead Facilitator,Visual Practitioner,Event Designer,Trainer,Educator


organizational development, large group processes


Italian, English