See What’s Most Important to Advance the Change You Want in the World.
Engage your colleagues in their best thinking with graphic recording, graphic facilitation and consulting to find the insight and ideas to magnify your results.

if you’re trying to change the world or any part of it, you know it’s complex and challenging. If you’re a nonprofit, association or socially-conscious business, you’re likely vastly under-resourced for the scope of the problems you’re trying to address, sometimes with larger organizations that are working against you.

That’s why it’s critical for you and your team to always be thinking better. That’s what I do. I help leaders think better. They’ve included division leaders, organization leaders, boards of directors and entire fields. Clients appreciate my ability to help them pull up from information overload, rise above the everyday demands and see through the swirl of ideas to discover what matters most for success, so they can set priorities to achieve impact. Analytical and artistic skills drive that.

I’m passionate about using analysis to find better solutions to strategic questions. I’m also passionate about how visual thinking can help people gain more insight and make better decisions. And I’m passionate about progressive causes.

My clients have also included nonprofits and associations involved in animal protection, the environment, policy, science, technology, direct services and volunteerism as well as businesses in financial services, food and other areas.

I live in the Washington, DC metro area and work with many local clients. I also offer services for virtual meetings, helping teams across the U.S. I do some travel for major events, such as conferences and field collaborations.

If you’re doing good, let’s talk about ways I can help you do even better. Please get in touch, so we can explore how Priority Visions can help you see what matters most to create the results you want in the world.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Sketchnote/Graphic Recording Training


Strategy, marketing, social change, market research, nonprofits, animal protection