Visuals can move people from confusion to clarity, from blockages to breakthroughs and from impasse to action. For more than 20 years, Caryn Ginsberg has combined strategic thinking, quantitative methods and graphic representation to help organizations improve their results. She brings a deep understanding of business and nonprofit strategy and marketing to her graphic recording & facilitation, graphic training and infographic design.

Clients have long remarked on Caryn’s ability as to draw out key themes from a discussion. Her graphic recording, facilitation and consulting work spans conferences, presentations, client advisory panel meetings, focus groups, planning sessions and fundraising events.

Caryn enjoys teaching client team members to use simple graphic techniques to enhance their productivity. Drawing on experience teaching in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins, for Humane Society University and for the Bank Marketing Association, she offers dynamic instruction that engages participants and quickly gives them valuable skills.
Prior to founding her consulting firm, Priority Ventures Group, Caryn held positions in financial services, including as Senior Vice President, Retail Marketing for an 11 billion dollar bank. She holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and an A.B. in economics and math from Dartmouth College as well as an advanced certificate in graphic design from Sessions College for Professional Design. She is also an animal protection advocate, eight-time marathoner and old school R&B fan.

Please get in touch, so we can explore how Priority Visuals can help you draw out success in your work. I look forward to learning more about what matters most to you and discussing how visuals can help make that happen.


Graphic Recording, Infographics, Sketchnote/Graphic Recording Training, Graphic Facilitation, Strategic Planning


Strategy, marketing, social change, market research, nonprofits, animal protection