I am a  passionate about making communication more effective.  I do this through the use of graphic facilitation and graphic recording techniques, creating visual minutes of events, team days, engagement events, conferences strategic planning meetings, this list could go on!  I work predominantly in the world of Social Care and Health, however the skills that I have honed in listening and synthesising information and capturing that in a visually engaging way are transferable across all sectors.     I have been using graphic facilitation in my work practice since 1997.

I understand how difficult it can be to:

  • Demonstrate that you have heard disperate and diverse voices in a meeting.  
  • Value poeple's contributions and demonstrate where there may be connections in the room
  • Make sense of complexity and present that in a memorable and accessible way.    

I am a qualified trainer, experienced project manager, graphic recorder and facilitator 

During the course of my work as Director of New Possibilities I have developed considerable skills in facilitation, mediation and conflict management. By listening closely to what is important; and helping individuals and groups to identify the change they would like to see; I have helped to represent people's views in a constructive and supportive way.  By clarifying thinking, making visual connections and reflecting the key messages in discussions groups have been successful in reaching principled solutions.

I am committed to designing and delivering inclusive events which are creative, dynamic and jargon free.


Visual Consultation and Engagement , Animated films, Visualising Strategy, Supporting Stategic Discussions to explore wicked issues,, Conference Graphics,


Graphic Recording,Graphic Facilitator,Lead Facilitator,Visual Practitioner,Trainer