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A Workplace Romance with Jose Anzizar

Passion Phase: Experienced Graphic Facilitator (10-15 years) 

Jose Anzizar; Argentina–Buenos Aires; Background: Art, Design, Consulting, and Facilitation; 

While Jose is married to his current profession of being a consultant, the signs of a budding workplace romance are obvious. From the beginning, his relationship with Visual Practice has felt natural and intuitive.

"I've always loved Visual Practice–even before I knew it's name. I worked 20 years for Citibank and some years as a consultant and was flipcharting all the time, in meetings, conversations with my team, etc. They always said that it was super useful and asked afterwards if they could keep the sheet of paper."

The flirting was so fun, natural and enjoyable Jose didn't think much else of it. He never imagined it going anywhere really–after all it was just harmless flirting, right? Then one day he finally got to know Visual Practice and noticed there was much more between them. "Today, I am a Leadership Development Consultant, and I have been during the last 15 years. But life put in my path Visual Practice and I fell in love with it. From then on Visual Practice has played a role in all my workshops and every once in a while (once in a blue moon) we rendez-vous outside the office for a non work related Graphic Recording date."