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A word on Virtual Graphic Recording and Fees

Like many industries during the COVID-19 Crisis, Visual Practitioners worldwide have pivoted to offering our services in the virtual space.

​Virtual Graphic Recording and Facilitation is incredibly valuable as an engagement and communication tool in this environment. We are going to great lengths to navigate the different online environments and platforms to seamlessly deliver our service and skills to the usual high bar. In every industry right now people are are working from home and getting paid the same as when they were "in the office" - same outputs, delivery, skills and product, same prices apply.​

Given this, there is no reason rates should be reduced for virtual graphic recording or facilitation work. Here are some common questions we’re seeing arise addressed:

Q) You’re working from the comfort of your own home - so we should pay less
A) Experienced practitioners in our industry possess a unique combination of skills in listening, synthesis, sense-making, design, typography and illustration. Our clients engage us based on our ability to deliver on this skill set, and this is no different in the virtual space. In fact, additional skills in digital-specific graphic recording, recommendations on best practice in the virtual space, and ability to use a variety of virtual meeting platforms is required.

Q There’s no travel time, so we should pay less
A) That’s true, we all save on travel time. Most Visual Practitioners will charge travel expenses on top of their day rate in any case, so our clients will still be making a saving on total fees. There is also extra time required to test technology both prior to and on the day.

Q) You’re not using any materials, so we should pay less
A) Many Visual Practitioners already work digitally, so this won’t be any different. While there may not be any materials like markers and paper when working digitally, continuous investment in technology is required to have the right hardware, software, and platform subscriptions to work in the virtual space. Also, virtual does not necessarily mean digital! Some practitioners will still choose to use paper & markers with a camera for their virtual work.