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The Walrus Talks, We Draw…and Artful Conversation Takes Place

We love our work because we have the opportunity to participate in so many interesting events involving a wide variety of topics. Recently, we got the chance to record on one of our favorite topics – The Walrus Talks: The Art of Conversation. Really, recording a conversation about artful conversation … can you imagine a better place for us to be?

The event took place in Victoria’s Belfry Theater and the box you see Lisa Edwards standing in was a part of a set that couldn’t be removed. We had a great time joking that we were using an “out of the box method” … while standing in a box!

Recording In the Box

An amazing audience turned out for this fascinating discussion and the presenters brought wonderfully varied perspectives that lent themselves to a comprehensive picture of the art of dialogue. Each presenter took a different approach to sharing. Some were linear, others humorous, and others were based in story, still they all got their messages across beautifully. A compelling case for the power of engaging in dialogue versus debate was made.

We loved that we were introduced to the audience as “silent speakers.” Our map did indeed speak to people afterwards at the reception that followed. A steady stream of audience members viewed the map engaging in further conversations about points that affirmed their experiences and things that struck a new chord with them. We stood back and witnessed how our map inspired people related to each other and build on each other’s responses in the spirit of trying to discover connections. These were prime examples of artful conversations.

What’s really cool is that The Walrus is going to post our map of the talk in an online forum to keep the conversation going! Visit to check it out.