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The votes are in! Welcome your NEW Directors!

The votes have been tallied!

The Nominating Commitee (Avril Orloff, Jill Greenbaum, Leslie Salmon-Zhu, Elena Urizar, Kimberly Dornisch, Phil Bakelaar, and Sunny BenBelkacem) can now announce the results of the TOP FIVE winners of our Board Elections.  It was a tight race and many members commented on the quality of the candidates and how they regretted that one person would not be included. In total, 110 members voted! Thank you to all our members who voted.

Please welcome the following Nominees as NEW Directors to the Board:
Frank Wesseler
Jose Luis Anzizar
Leah Silverman
Miryam Artola Dendaluce
Santosh Dubey

The Board is delighted to welcome our new Directors! Thank you to the members who volunteered to work on the Nominations committee. We worked under the new by-laws for nominations and voting and we learned a few things to make the next Board Nominations a smoother process. As president, I look forward to adding the contributions of our new Directors to continue building and expanding benefits and experiences for IFVP members.

We also want to express our gratitude to Mathias Weitbrecht for stepping forward to contribute to the IFVP community. While we regret that he will not be serving on the Board, we are discussing other avenues for sharing his talents with the community and hope to be able to announce soon.