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Visual Meetings

Visual thinking is essential to work in nowadays business. Visual thinking is faster, helps to engage with your audience and creates a bigger picture. It is essential you develop the right skills to do this and use the right tools. This training will give you an overview of how to start with a visual language, helps you communicate on a flipchart in the front of the room, make visual notes, create your visual library and start to work with templates. 

We organize open trainings and workshops to share our knowledge on Visual Meetings. We also design customized incompany trainings for your organization. Contact us for more information. 

We do organize an open training in May this year (Dutch Only).

Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
Business Models Inc Club
1114 BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
Event Type: 
Visual Meetings