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Visual facilitation for society in times of Covid-19

We have been wondering for a quite a while, how we could leverage our skills to serve our community in times of Covid-19. When I say we, I am talking about the trainers, visual facilitators and graphic recorders at bikablo.

Here are three ideas and we would like to encourage you to do the same, if you feel that it is something that feels good to you and serves your community.

1) #coronasketchnote

These times are very uncertain and difficult to comprehend. There are many different sources of information about Covid-19 and most of the time the information is difficult to understand as the situation is complex. We started focussing on one specific podcast in Germany that we deemed to be insightful and helpful to understand the situation. We then took turns to sketchnote the podcast on a daily basis and publish it on the bikablo blog. The idea is to document the content and to transfer the knowledge into an easy to understand format. Currently, we are opening the information sources to other videos and articles that are insightful, create transparency and encourage people in a positive way.

We would like to encourage you to sketchnote the best covid-19 information you can find in your country. Use the hashtag #coronasketchnote - maybe we can help our society to be well informed about this topic.

the examples shown here are from Tobias Wieland and Ramona Wultschner.

You can find more examples on (in german)

2) Thank you postcards!

Personally, I started drawing Thank you postcards and hand them out to the security guy at our supermarket, the lady at the check out of the drug store, the doctor from next door - in short, all the people who are serving our community right now and expose themselves to the risk of being infected. They are performing a tremendous job and deserve a thank you! I have received big smiles and that already felt good.

3) Drawing with kids

As all kindergartens are closed, there is very limited childcare, which means that even those who work from home, cannot use their full capacity. As great as it is to spend time with your kids, you cannot get the job done. Providing a "distraction" for kids is a great service. Some of the bikablo trainers have been experimenting with offering virtual drawing classes for children. The kids loved it - and I bet their parents too :)

We are not featuring a picture here as we did not want to post a picture with the kids included and there were kids everywhere ;-)