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Visual Facilitation Boot Camp

Visual Facilitation Boot Camp

This practical workshop introduces participants to visual tools and methods that will enhance their work with teams and meeting participants. This is a hands-on workshop designed to take learners from “I can’t draw” to “I’m a visual facilitator” in 2 days

This course offers an introduction to graphic recording (also known as “scribing” or live visual note taking) as one tool in the visual facilitator’s toolkit. Participants are also introduced to designing visual templates to support group collaboration, preparing engaging flipcharts and posters, making favorite facilitation activities more visual, and much more. No previous drawing experience is required

Day 1 Highlights:
  • Enhancing your flipchart skills
  • Easy titles that make an impact
  • Lettering tips and tricks
  • Developing a library of easy-to-draw icons
  • Drawing people: Yes you can!
  • Introduction to graphic recording – how, why, when?
  • How to listen and draw at the same time
  • How to “chunk” and cluster information
  • Practice and coaching
Day 2 Highlights:
  • Integrating visual thinking into your meeting agenda – how to begin
  • Preparing posters with punch
  • How to design visual templates for individual reflection
  • Creating visual templates to support breakout group effectiveness
  • 15 great visual ice-breakers that require little to no drawing skill
  • Using visual tools to support participant engagement and participation
  • A framework for integrating visuals into longer-term change efforts
  • Tips for partnering with professional graphic recorders
  • Practice lab and coaching

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Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 8:45am
Event Location: 
Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94112
United States
Event Type: