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Review Reflect Relaunch Online Program - A Holistic Review of 2015

Does your life seem to be moving at the speed of light? No time to stop and look back? Have you experienced a lot of change this past year? Are you anticipating big changes for this coming year? Does life seem to be leading you instead of you choosing the direction of your life? 

As you move forward with your life each day, sometimes you don't realize how much time has really passed. Days, weeks and even months blur together. With time moving so fast, you can become overwhelmed and life can feel out of your control.

It is time to hit the pause button.

Now is the ideal time to close out the year and actively decide what YOU want 2016 to look like. Give yourself the space to accept the choices you have made in 2015. Learn from your past year's experiences. Create a plan for each area of your life. 

This interactive online program provides the space, direction, and time that allow you to focus on your whole life. Using visual tools, you will actively explore and simplify your last year to find what worked and what did not, and identify action steps for the year ahead. 

Relaunch into your new year with clarity and control.

Each week you will be guided through different perspectives in your life - Health, Finances, Work, Community and Social. During each session, you will complete a visual template that summarizes the topics discussed. At the close of the 4-week program, you will have conducted a holistic review of 2015 and designed an action plan for your life in 2016.

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 8:00pm
Event Location: 
Access from anywhere - Online Program
Anywhere, PA Anywhere
United States
Event Type: 
Online Program