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Pre-Conference Sessions

Graphic Recording 101: The IFVP Signature Course!

Beata Broskova & Tanya Gerber

GR101 is a comprehensive look into the wonderful world of capturing big ideas on big sheets of paper.  This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the craft, the tools and the techniques of graphic recording. The workshop leaders along with several other IFVP members (all with different working styles and clientele) will share their real life stories and ‘aha’s from their own practices.

GR101 is designed for all levels of skill and expertise. This is a great workshop for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner looking for a refresher.

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 Juice Up your Drawing

Jim Nuttle & Greg Gersch

Are your graphic skills like a 90-pound weakling? Does everyone laugh at your stick figures and star people?  Is your lettering small, scrawny and sluggish?

Now you can instantly add muscle and pep to your drawing arm with this intense hands-on all-day workshop! Come train with two top graphic recorders experienced in illustration, cartooning, typography and graphic design. Pick up creative tips and tricks that will enhance your visual capture skills. Inject speed, flexibility and a healthy dose of humor into your work. Unleash your wild inner artist during challenging practice rounds and group critiques.

This is the perfect follow-up to Graphic Recording 101 and will take your drawing to the next level.

Jim Nuttle has worked for over 9 years as a graphic recorder in a variety of settings with corporate, non-profit, and government clients in the US and abroad. He has 30+ years experience as an independent designer and illustrator based in the Washington, DC area. This background in designing clear and compelling images, and visualizing complex concepts informs his approach to capturing conversations in real time. It’s also left him with a lifetime’s worth of clip-art in his head.

Greg Gersch credits Jim for introducing him to graphic recording six years ago. Greg studied art history at the University of Michigan before moving to Washington DC, where began his career in graphic design in the early 1990s, working for a wide variety of corporate, non-profit and government clients. In April 2001, he started his own firm, Eyebeam Creative, specializing in identity systems and branding strategies. Greg considers drawing an essential activity for inspiration and problem solving.

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Secrets to a Thriving Visual Business

Michelle Walker

This full-day hands-on, activity-based program is designed for you to learn the secrets to starting and/or growing a thriving visual thinking business. We will cover the Five Pillars for a successful business including getting clear on your business mission and model, how to position what you offer so clients see your value, your current and future options for revenue streams, hidden blocks to having a successful business, and the business systems to enable you to build and maintain a strong reputation in the field.

Michelle Walker is a Heart & Soul Coach for Prosperity & Creativity and Visual Facilitation Specialist and over the past 20+ years, has led many high impact facilitation processes and training programs across government, business and community sectors. More information about Michelle’s work can be found at: &

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Watch a video about Michelle and this workshop here!


Integral Facilitator Essentials: How Great Meetings Come to Life?

Rebecca Colwell & Lauren Tenney

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what kind you’re in, if you  understand meeting essentials, you can increase efficiency, clarity and engagement for everyone. Feeling confident in meeting essentials allows you to relax, include more, be creative, and invite others to do the same. This one day workshop, crafted especially for IFVP practitioners, introduces you to the meeting essentials that apply no matter what kind of gathering you’re facilitating:

  • The three territories of meetings: Ideation, Agreements, Action Planning
  • The Sequence of any great meeting—from A to Z
  • Essential Facilitator Skills—and why they’re worth practicing

Plus—Understanding how forms and tools influence group engagement.

You’ll learn and practice:

  • Building rapport
  • Listening and insightful questioning
  • Facilitating Open Discussions
  • Guiding the flow of a Meeting Sequence

Benefits for IFVP Practitioners include:

  • A solid mental model for leading great meetings,
  • More confidence in meeting facilitation, and
  • A clearer sense of which skills to work on to keep growing as a facilitator.

Rebecca Colwell is a talented integral facilitator, strategist and coach, with a passion for the power of collaboration. For over thirty years she has been facilitating and inspiring others to learn how to work together to meet a wide range of challenges. Over the last two decades, Rebecca has become a well-known innovator for design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder strategy development and multi-disciplinary projects that cross organizational boundaries in public, private and not-for-profit sectors in North America.  Her warm, playful and irreverent style is grounded in her deep trust of what is, and a tenacious curiosity about what might be possible. In 2011, Rebecca co-founded the world’s premier advanced facilitation program, the Integral Facilitator Certificate Program.  Her company, Ten Directions, provides advanced training, coaching and consulting to change makers, leaders and influencers.

Lauren Tenney  is an Integral Facilitator with a passion for weaving ideas, people, and possibilities together. Her deep appreciation and skills for working with human development and system dynamics enable her to bring clarity and depth to any engagement. Lauren is experienced with many of today’s most innovative tools for transformation and collaboration, including: Immunity to Change, The Natural Change Process, Evolving Worldviews, Way of Council, Holacracy, Sociocracy and Integral Theory. As a facilitator, she loves helping people understand themselves and relate to others with more freedom and joy.

Learn more about Rebecca Colwell, MBA, CEO of Ten Directions and Lauren Tenney, Senior Consultant, Ten Directions