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Online Visual Collaboration Workshop

Online visual collaboration

This 2-hour, hands-on workshop will give you the tools and the confidence to turn meeting attendees into participants.

It’s possible to create inspiring meetings, learning environments, team and individual coaching sessions via video sessions. We are already quite used to digital conferencing, but it can be boring and tedious. It is possible to facilitate an energetic and visual meeting that produces the results you want. In this course you will get access to over 20 visual interactive exercises that you can use to facilitate a meeting or in your trainings. They are effective when designing a meeting from start to finish: from check-in to brainstorming to next steps. Bring flow to your sessions again! All these working methods take place in Powerpoint—which is safe and familiar for everyone. In the training I will teach you how to use all these tools and how to develop your own tools too.


Advantages are:

  • Flow: By designing custom exercises in your agenda from check-in to brainstorming, you create flow in your meeting;
  • Support: Working together in the document increases engagement and builds trust and support among the team;
  • More concrete: Because they are visual templates, concepts, patterns and outcomes become much more concrete;
  • Simple: Using customized Powerpoint templates in a program that even digibites can manage;
  • Reporting: The work done in the meeting immediately becomes the report of the meeting.


The whole package is aimed at heling you to prepare, supervise and follow-up for multiple types of meetings. You will be provided all the tools, instruction and insight you need to develop your own visual working methods.

  • Workshop (2 hours) in which we practice with the working methods and I show you how it works.
  • one-on-one session (1 hour) to help you integrate what you have learned for your unique situation
  • 20+ unique templates designed by a professional visual practitioner with workflows from which you can build your meeting
  • 1 template that I customize for you
  • Instructions on how to use these exercises
  • Workbook explaining how to use these methods to lead a meeting and how to instruct participants to engage in the conversation or exercise
  • Workbook explaining how to create your own visual templates and exercises

Costs: $400 USD

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 10 am MDT (6 pm CEST)

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Event Date and Time: 
Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 6:00pm
Event Location: 
Hortensialaan 25
3702 VD Zeist
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