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Online Drink & Draw Graphic Jam instructions

Instructions for the break outs (break outs will last 20 minutes at a time, more or less)

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Once in break outs, quickly self-organize to select a facilitator.
Prompt List A: Groups 1-10
Prompt List B; Groups 11-20
Refer to the list on right for prompts for each round.
be a flexible learner
adapt and pivot
Facilitator will set a timer for 1 minute, ensure everyone is ready,
read the first prompt and start the timer.
appreciative inquiry
integral theory
Draw until the timer goes off.
hold space for gratitude
hold space for emotions
Facilitator invites 2 or 3 to share drawings then move to the next round.
on site workers
remote workers
Repeat until through the list and/or called back to plenary.
climate crisis
Groups 1-10, use prompt list A
Groups 11-20, use prompt list B
research shows...
studies show...
shifting from the old way to the new way
transforming the way we live, learn, and work
self development
professional development
the beginner's mind