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My favorite graphic (from the last few months)

At the beginning of quarantine, I attended a series of talks hosted by The Value Web Learning Community on Mighty Networks. The first was with the brilliant David Hutchens, a storyteller, on the The 3 Stories Leaders Should Tell NOW in the age of CoronaVirus (and times of uncertainty).

Just prior,I had just kicked off the #IFVP #OLS2020 program by hosting the first episode with Terry LaBan on Drawing People for Graphic Recording. If you attended that session, you see I took the main points Terry shared of using curves and not too many angles. I used his approach to drawing people and found my people don't look half bad now and have much better expressions.

But what I really like in this graphic is the small reproduction of the wall painting from a recently discovered cave painting by Neanderthals some 20,000 years ago. Through stories, humans relate experiences, lessons, cautions, insights, and advice to navigate the world. It is one of the first forms of communication our species developed as a tool for the survival of the first peoples in the harsh environment of the Upper Paleothic age. Stories are the vehicle for learning and teaching and we must never forget the power a story holds. I also like the scaffolding in the back to connote storytelling as a structure we have used since the beginning of time. Contrast the hunter’s intention and concern around food to the three people standing around, worried by the uncertainty COVID brings to work, life, health, the economy and our future. How far have we come and yet, we still have the same concerns for our survival.
- Sunny