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Love on the Down Low with Holly Spence Fisher

Passion Phase: Graphic Recorder (1-3 years)

Holly Spencer Fisher; USA–Newport, Rhode Island; Background Graphic Design, Geology, Environment and Sustainability;

You won't find many pictures of Holly and her crush. "We go out together, but there's not a lot of PDA. We're still in the honeymoon phase but it's definitely on the down low," Holly said. "I'll talk about it with people I know, or people who I think will get it quickly, But if I sense that someone is skeptical or won't understand this kind of relationship I avoid talking about it. When I met Visual Practice we just clicked. I could immediately see its value and knew right away this was the perfect fit for all my skills."

But they didn't hook up right away. It was a "Surrender Experiment" that led Holly to buying a set of professional Neuland markers. "There was a discount and free shipping. The catch was that the markers would need to be picked up at this thing called the IFVP conference." The conference was being held in Decatur, Georgia a place Holly was familiar with and already had connections. To her it felt meant to be. "So...I got a scholarship and went. It's been great ever since. There's still some fear and hesitation, but I'm really drawn to Visual Practice." 

"We're still getting to know each other. It's very fresh and exciting. My perfect date–logistically I'm on time and prepared. I'm treated as a partner not ignored in the back of the room or seen as a dog and pony show. And afterwards, there's a real sense of what we have just accomplished together. My highest hope is to have several longterm deep meaningful client connections that we serve together and are seen as important partners to their efforts and the impact they are having on the world."

"What I want to say to Visual Practice is please keep inviting me to opportunities where we can serve others together. Because, it's really easy for me to sit in a little studio and stay behind my computer. I tend to let fear drive. Help me to get out, get more creative, play and discover all the many ways our love can apply anywhere."