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#IFVP2020 Conference Season Letter from the President of the Board

Dear #IFVPMembers and fellow visual practitioners,
Welcome to the 2020 conference season! The Virtual #IFVP2020 Conference is the 25th conference of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners! It is also the FIRST virtual conference hosted by the IFVP.
Considering what the world has been through in the last six months - pandemic, no work, no travel, quarantine, social injustice and political unrest - the intention of the 25th conference is to act as a compass to the Visual Practitioner to understand the different ways we can show up to do our work, whether analog or digital.
As an organization, our mission is to promote, teach, and support visual practitioners to advance visual communication and understanding. Our vision is drawing the world together through the power of visuals. We hope you hear, feel, and see these verbs - promote, teach, support, advance, understand, draw - in action throughout our conference.
Registration is open for DAY ONE June 27 only. Additional days (July 25 and August 22) will require separate registration.
We chose to have three conference days over three months for several reasons.
  • First, we are a volunteer team - not paid - planning the conference between working, managing home life, and trying to stay healthy in a pandemic world.
  • Two, conference planning is hard but it is even harder during a pandemic - quarantine is tough stuff and wears on the heart and mind.
  • Three, we’ve never done a virtual conference and wanted to give ourselves time to learn how to make it better in between each conference day.
  • Four, we thought three days in a row for 8 hours at a time in front of a screen would be the best way to say we don’t care about you. We DO care about you, we appreciate you and want to honor you with time to learn, time to rest and time for your life.
  • Finally, five, we hope to give you time between each session to test new ideas, knowledge, skills and ways of being.
The #IFVP2020 conference is hosted by IFVP and the IFVP Institute. Our proud sponsors include Neuland, The Grove, MURAL. Thanks to their generous partnership, we are able to offer you low cost conference prices and technology to provide you with an easy virtual conference experience.
Here is how to receive special access to MURAL's online collaboration tool.
  1. Please sign up for the FREE 30 day trial.
  2. Copy this address and paste it into a web browser to join the MURAL PRO Slack Channel
  3. Once you have joined MURAL's Slack channel, in the #introduction channel (on the left in the menu options), write: @marktippin Sunny sent me (copy that red, bolded text and paste it into a message in Slack).
  4. Spend the weeks leading up to the conference, learning how to use MURAL by exploring all the assets in MURAL Slack.
Stay tuned for special offers from Neuland and the Grove.
  • Offer development and training in new tools, frameworks and processes that support both the analog and digital practitioner
  • Curate discussions that inspire, workshops that engage, and networking that connects and creates community closeness
  • Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the IFVP
  • Explore together the possibilities of the future
Whova: This is where everything will be - you’ll miss out on everything if you don't download it! When you register you will be provided a link to download it. From zoom links, agendas, conference workbooks, workshop descriptions, attendees, bios of speakers, presenters, and sponsors, to networking and conversations, you can use Whova on your browser or phone.
zoom: Our plenary, workshop break outs, keynotes, panels, networking sessions will be in zoom. It is highly recommended using a laptop or desktop computer - don’t call in, this is a visual conference after all.
MURAL: A sponsor of our conference season, MURAL is a powerful, yet simple platform for virtual and visual collaboration. It works with zoom and can be accessed on a web browser (Chrome recommended) or in the downloadable app. MURAL
Sunny BenBelkacem
President of the IFVP Board of Directors
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