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IFVP2020 Conference + COVID-19 Announcement

*above graphic drawn by Kristine Neckelmann Abbott and Emily Shepard

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues its slow assault across the world and we see clients reschedule or cancel sessions, enact travel freezes, and concern continues to grow around the uncertainty of the next few months, the IFVP 25th Anniversary Conference team is taking precautions to ensure the health of all members and guests and we encourage all attendees to exercise healthy travel habits and basic protective measures against all illness.

The IFVP 25th Anniversary Conference planning team is currently monitoring the status of COVID-19 and following advice and guidance from the CDC and local/state agencies. At this time, no federal restrictions are in place to prevent meetings and travel in the United States, including in the San Francisco Bay Area.

IFVP’s 25th Anniversary Conference will take place as planned August 2-5, 2020 at the Claremont Club and Spa in Berkeley, CA. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus crisis and will alert attendees if we feel the need to make any changes.

IFVP member Jiyhun Jillian Lee, based in Seoul, South Korea recently shared her drawings to the Facebook Graphic Facilitation page, we are sharing them with you here. One of the greatest gifts we have as visual practitioners is being able to visualize and help people sift facts from myths. Jiyhun’s drawing shows that while the South Korean government has tested many people, the number of people with COVID-19 in South Korea is still quite low.

We are also sharing a list of compiled resources below to help attendees and members find reliable information. The John Hopkins University live tracker is helpful in terms of framing the reality of deaths from COVID-19 versus the number of people (thankfully) recovering from a really bad bout of illness. Please click on bolded text:

If you have more questions and concerns, please send an email to Thank you!
IFVP Board of Directors & IFVP 25th Anniversary Conference team

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