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IFVP supports #BlackLivesMatter

As a global organisation, the IFVP is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI). We must speak out against violence and injustice. We must be advocates of equality and justice.
IFVP actively stands against racism, systemic injustice and inequality against people of colour. The mistreatment and abuse of these communities was a pandemic long before COVID-19.
Our collective hearts break for the United States of America in the wake of George Floyd’s death, because it’s a pain we recognise in many other countries around the world. The criminal justice system is broken in many places. Now is not the time for silence. We stand in solidarity with our black colleagues in the USA and around the world, because #blacklivesmatter.
Read on to explore ways to help #AmplifyBlackVoices and show your support.
What can Visual Practitioners do to support Black people locally and globally? 
  1. We are professional listeners. Now is the time to use that skill, and if you can, teach it to others by role modelling what good listening looks like.
  2. Consume art, comics, movies, music, books, and stories by black people.
  3. Support black artists, makers, academics, writers, journalists, and local black-owned businesses by following them on social media and purchasing their work, products, and services.
  4. If you can, consider offering your services in listening, capturing and communicating information visually to help amplify the message
  5. If you can, donate to an organisation of your choice. There are many. See below for a list.
Donate or sign the petition -
George Floyd Memorial Fund 
Black Visions Collective 
#IFVPMember, please share other organizations in your country or region supporting anti-racism work. 
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