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How to USE Your Charts After a Visual Meeting - Now Available!

Get the Picture has just launched a new eGuide that will help you stop asking, “What should we do with our charts after the meeting?” and start incorporating your visual maps into your overall objectives way beyond the conference room.

To get the most out of graphic recording, the plan for what happens with your maps after your meeting should be a part of your overall strategy. How to USE Your Charts After a Visual Meeting, helps you set the stage for continued reflection and interaction to advance thinking and contribute to your larger change process.

In the eGuide, you’ll also get Nevada Lane’s Visual Change Planner to help your design team see the big picture as you plan to USE your visuals to create change.

With a little strategic thought and creativity, you can find tons of ways to USE your charts after your visual meeting, and take advantage of the full power of graphic recording as the thinking tool it’s meant to be. Check it out at

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Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 12:45pm
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From Your Own Home
From Your Own Home, ON K0J1H0
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