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How to Log-In to the new IFVP Website (for current IFVP Members)

Welcome to the new website for the IFVP community of visual practitioners!

This website was designed for you, a visual practitioner, to be able to have a presence as a professional in this field, locatable and findable on the web.
Therefore, the primary focus is to give our members a profile page, much like the ones that exist for LinkedIn and XING, where you can describe your mission or work purpose in a short statement, identify how to contact you, list your website and social media points of contact, and connect you to a map, visualizing where you are located in the world.

The mapping function is entirely new. It only shows active members of the IFVP on a Google-based map for potential clients to find you. Only active, current IFVP members’ profiles will appear on the map and in searches.

Your  profile page gives you a place to write a short biography, and a place to highlight your visual work in a Showcase area, after you have uploaded pictures into your personal gallery. You can upload both still images and videos linked from YouTube or Vimeo in your personal gallery.

You may also write blog posts or articles, form groups, open forums for discussions, or list your own events on the new website.

TO SIGN IN-If you have forgotten your password:

sign in screen

Step 1: Click on the SIGN IN link, and click the “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” link—t
hat will allow you to create a brand new password of your own choosing.


For members of the old website:Your email address to log-in is the one you use to sign into the old IFVP website.

Request a new password

You will then receive an email with a link to go back to the new site. Click on the link, to go back to the website.

(If you cannot sign in, please contact us through, and we will generate a new password for you once we confirm that we have the correct email for you)

Step 2: Click on the LOG IN button from that page asking you to create a new password.

There you will go to your own profile page, where we have already begun to move your old profile into the new site.

PLEASE CREATE and save your new password now. The SAVE button for updating the page is on the very bottom, and you should save the new password before beginning to edit the page.

Here is a view of the full profile editing page.You can VIEW your profile by clicking on the tab at the top of the form, or EDIT it with the second tab.

You can begin to edit your profile on this page, then go to the VIEW of your profile page and start to add your gallery pictures for the showcase from there. Please remember to SAVE your changes to your profile at the bottom of the form!

You can add pictures and videos from the gallery link on the lower portion of your own profile page. It will take you to your personal gallery, where you can add as many pictures and videos as you like.

We hope you take advantage of taking this opportunity to refresh your profile and start to benefit to being found on the visual worldwide directory in its new, improved form.

This page updated: June 6, 2016