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How to Create a Blog Post

There are two ways to access the IFVP Blog feature:

  1. From the "COMMUNITY" tab and
  2. From your own profile through the "My Profile" link.

1. FROM the "COMMUNITY" tab

From any page, hover over the "COMMUNITY" tab and CLICK "Blogs" from the drop down menu. 

This action will open the "All Blogs" page where you can access all member posted blogs, filter to "Featured Blogs" or "My Blogs", and "Add a Blog Entry".

To open a new blog form, CLICK "Add a Blog Entry".


Our new website design makes many features available from your profile page. To access the blog form, CLICK the "Post a Blog" tab located below your profile picture, name and contact icons.


The Blog form has everything you need to make a post. You can add images, change font formats, embed video, and advance users can code in HTML. I suggest taking some time to get familiar with the form. It's relatively user friendly, but one other suggestion I'll make is to draft your copy in another document and then paste it into the blog as it doesn't have editing features or draft saving capabilities as of yet. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your content and potentially featuring it in the newsletter.