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Digital Scribing for the Visual Practitioner :: A Summer Series

Digital Scribing

Volunteer hands have been going up all over the world! Digital scribing SMEs have been sharing their expertise and will continue to do so throughout the summer in a series of Digital Scribing. Free to all who tune in live, recordings of each episode will be available on the Fireside chat section of the site.

To learn more, please tune into a future session and take the opportunity to ask questions that you have about using technology as a digital scribe.

Check your local times here:

June 21
Verity Harrison :: Presents the Concepts App
Verity is a visual storyteller who uses digital scribing to:
• simplify big data with image rich infographics,
• capture meetings through real time graphic recording, and
• creates compelling explainer videos

July 26
Malgosia Kostecka :: Virtual to Visual
The quick start guide to transitioning your workflow as a visual practitioner from Analog to Digital.
Malgosia will review:
• the best apps for digital sketchnotes, digital GR, digital illustrations, and capturing client calls,
• some of the best features within each app, and
• a quick start guide to using Adobe Draw, Sketches Pro, Notability, and Procreate.

August 7
Mike “Muddy” Schlegel :: Making Critical Connections for Live Digital Scribing
Working with hardware, cables and wireless connections, Muddy will:
• show how to utilize phones, computers and tablets to act as webcams as we work virtually,
• go over the hardware and connections needed to project our work at in-person gigs, and
• answer your technical questions that hang us up or prevent us from working digitally.

August 15 - 11am PDT/Noon MDT
Christina Merkley & Lisa Moore :: Visual Process Work with Individuals via Online Methods
Sketchbook Pro for coaches, therapists, facilitators and other process professionals, Christina and Lisa will:
• define and show examples of both emergent and template based work,
• demo Sketchbook Pro for fast, live interactive work (with a lucky volunteer), and
• provide a handy matrix of hardware/software considerations for process professionals.

August 28 - 7am MDT/4pm EEST
Raquel Benmergui :: Presents the Adobe Draw App
Working in the Adobe Draw App on her iPad/tablet, Raquel will:
• introduce the app to us by showing us some of it’s features,
• explain her workflow while working digitally, and
• share some of her work and how it was created.

September 3 - Noon MDT/1pm CDT
Amy Sparks :: Picking up the Pace in Procreate
Working in the Procreate App on her iPad, Amy will:
• show how she uses the app for live and studio work including it’s unique feature to project your screen without showing tools or zooming,
• demonstrate how to customize shortcuts, brushes and palettes to speed up your workflow, and
• share examples of her work done in Procreate.
All recordings available here.

Hosted by Heather Martinez :: Corporate Graffiti Artist, IFVP member and Visual Practitioner,

Event Date and Time: 
Friday, July 26, 2019 - 3:00pm
Event Location: 
Durango, CO 81301
United States
Event Type: 
Virtual Session