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Decatur Workshop Files


Here are files related to the Decatur 2017 workshop proposals.

You can find the proposal form and supporting materials at this link.
1. The PDF you can download and fill out (using Adobe acrobat)
2. Three files on workshop development and learning styles

You can listen to a supporting audio file at this link.
In this audio file for Coachville Cafe, Jill Greenbaum shares strategies, methods, tools and tips. More Powerful Presentations in 60 Minutes Really!, is brimming with questions, answers and conversation, with a focus on creating high impact learning experiences. Be prepared to make notes as you will walk away with new ideas to implement in developing your conference proposal.

Jill Greenbaum is hosting two zoom calls (January 7 and January 12) to go over the proposal and these materials. Here is the information to sign in

Jan 7 call recording
Here is a link to the recording.
Our Zoom call will focus on what will make your proposal—and your session—have maximum impact. We will devote most of our time to highlighting the importance of being clear about what your learners will gain—new knowledge, skills, and attitudes—and how they can be engaged throughout the session. I will share methods, strategies, ideas, and resources. There will be time to answers questions about the proposal form and submission process.
January 12 call recording:

Contact me if you have trouble with any of these.