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Creating Clarity with Visual Thinking

A picture is worth a thousand words, bringing focus and energy to discussions. Oftentimes, meetings are a sea of words and a waterfall of slides. This set of interactive, hands-on learning days will help you develop visualizing skills—using text and drawings—to support building common meaning in meetings, training sessions or strategic off-sites. By developing a basic set of drawing skills, you will be able to capture key ideas and organize them in a visual format, in real time, creating clarity and alignment for all participating in the dialogue. Our unique program starts with an introduction to visuals using the Bikablo approach, to better illustrate ideas through pictures and words (day 1) and then moves to universal lettering techniques (day 2). This program is great for those looking to make their meetings more engaging, make concepts and ideas more memorable and lead teams or projects toward their goals.


— Instructors —

Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D., is an alchemist—she works with clients to create transformational experiences. She integrates her deep knowledge of instructional design, Accelerated Learning techniques, and visuals into her suite of training programs to nurture engagement and achieve “sticky” results. Jill is the Certified Bikablo Global Trainer in the United States.

Heather Martinez is a visual practitioner and the founding Art Director and Agile Scrum Master of the Visioneering team (8 visual practitioners working to create immersive environments for innovation). When she isn’t helping form high-performing teams or graphic recording, she’s helping others feel good about their lettering as they write in meetings in front of others. You can learn the techniques visual professionals use in “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” at

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 8:30am
Event Location: 
University of St. Thomas
Minneapolis Campus
Minneapolis, MN 56058
United States
Event Type: 
bikablo + lettering workshop