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bikablo bascis visualization training

Bring your ideas to life with techniques that make them pop.

Visualisation makes content and process visible in real time. In presentations, workshops, coaching sessions, training and meetings - whenever people engage in dialogue, are working together and want to learn from each other in an impactful way - the bikablo® technique opens the door to the world of visual thinking and dialogue.

Irrespective of your artistic talent, you will learn visual language that you can use for notes in small formats as well as for flip charts and pin boards.

Our goal: For you to have fun and learn what you need to get going the next day!


bikablo® Visual Facilitation - The world of visual language

In this fundamentals training you'll be guided step by step into the the world of visual facilitation. You will warm up your drawing skills before we move on deeper into more enhanced techniques.

Training in Singapore on 25 & 26 January 2018.

Timings: 9 - 5.30 pm

Location: Drama Centre, Function 2, 100 Victoria Street, #03-01 National Library Building, Singapore 188064

What to expect in our 2 day training:

Regardless of your drawing experience - or belief in your talent - you will learn how to use small details to make large spaces look clear, attractive and lively. 

  • Holding the pen and drawing the line: How do I draw clean lines and structure my space on the flip chart? 
  • Graphics and text containers: How do I create simple arrows and connecting elements from basic geometric shapes in order to present related topics? Which text containers (e.g. speech bubbles) can be used to support which kind of messages?
  • Objects and symbols: How do I draw simple symbols to underline messages? What is essential, what can be left out?
  • Figures: What easy ways does bikablo® provide to draw people, roles, groups and situations?
  • Colour and space: What are simple and fast options to colour elements and spaces in a quick and simple way that supports the graphic structure?
  • Writing: How do I improve my handwriting on flip charts to make it more legible and attractive?
  • Live scribing: How can I use easy step-by-step techniques to record a dialogue in real-time and enhance a recorded poster with a key visual?
  • Posters and settings: How do I combine the ingredients (graphics, writing, symbols, figures and colour) to create to the point visual translations of content and meaningful posters for different purposes (welcome agenda, instructions, group work)?
Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
Drama Centre, Function 2, 100 Victoria Street
#03-01 National Library Building
Event Type: