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bikablo® basics visual training

Bring your ideas to life with techniques that make them pop. Visualization and visual facilitation are methods that make content and process visible in real time. In presentations, workshops, coaching sessions, training, and meetings – whenever people engage in dialogue, are working together and want to learn from each other in an impactful way. The bikablo® technique opens the door to the world of visual thinking and dialogue.

Even when you believe you have no artistic talent – this is where you learn the basic visual vocabulary and ingredients for visualization with the bikablo® technique. For example, drawing simple flipchart templates that you can use in your work the next day!

What to expect in the one-day training... In the 1-day training, you will become familiar with the building blocks of the bikablo® visualization technique (graphic elements, containers, people, and symbols) and combine them to create custom logos and simple diagrams. In this way, they develop the basic skills to create flipchart posters to communicate their own ideas. The one-day agenda covers:

  • How to hold a marker. Seriously, it matters!

  • Using markers to draw lines on a large scale

  • Drawing basic shapes on a large scale

  • Creating containers and text boxes for titles and information

  • Creating symbols and icons by combining basic shapes

  • How to draw people by combining basic shapes

  • Adding shadows to drawings to add depth and dimensions

  • Adding color to visualizations with markers, crayons, and chalk

  • Tips on using other visualization tools and supplies

  • Combining visual vocabulary into key visuals and diagrams

  • Final project: each participant will create a flip-chart poster that brings together what they’ve learned throughout the day in a tangible example such as an agenda, process, model, or roadmap.

What’s included;

  • All materials and supplies needed for the training

  • Morning & afternoon coffee breaks

  • Lunch

  • Bikablo® StarterSet: Each participant will receive the official Bikablo® Starter Set which includes four visualization markers and an exclusive 32-page starter booklet that summarizes the key principles, content, and techniques of the training.

  • Photo documentation of the training and will be provided to participants in a digital format after the workshop to use as a training reference.

  • certificate confirming your participation in the training and a list of the content covered in the course.

  • An invitation to join the bikablo® alumni online community where you can find further readings, links, tips on tools and materials, image sources and exchange opportunities.

This training is for you if, for example, …

  • You are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize.

  • You have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts or whiteboarding skills with containers, graphics, symbols, and simple figures to make them clearer, visually appealing, and engaging.

Event Date and Time: 
Friday, May 24, 2019 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
cSPACE King Edward
1721 29th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 6T7
Event Type: 
bikablo basics visual training