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BIG Beginnings in Visual Mediation Unleashes A Powerful Way for Mediators to Communicate with Parties… And Differentiator in the Marketplace

BIG Beginnings in Visual Mediation (BBIVM) is the first and only online training program that teaches the use of interactive visual methods specifically in mediation. With today’s launch of this complete step-by-step program, mediators can now learn to harness the power of using visual communication in resolving conflicts and learn to profit from these specialty skills.

The 12 module BBIVM program is designed for experienced mediators who have both mediation process skills and the skills to build a clientele well in hand, yet continue to look for ways to make the process of mediation more effective for parties. When applied skilfully in mediation, visual communication increases parties’ engagement in mediation, empowers people to work with their own information, improves support for their decision making and creates a whole new level of transparency.

Creator of the program, Lisa Arora, family mediator, expert graphic facilitator and President of BIG Time Visual says, “Typically, mediators take very few notes that the parties can see. It’s a problem in mediation because the parties, who are the decision makers, are often the stress of their conflict while making life changing plans and agreements. Along with the mediator, the parties (ESPECIALLY) need to see and work with the important information. When they can, it mitigates the impact of stress on communication. Up until now, visual communication has been grossly underused in mediation simply because most mediators are not trained to pay attention to what the PARTIES might find helpful to see.”

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Now, mediators around the world can build the skills and confidence necessary to take the caps off their markers and combine mediation process with live, interactive visual communication methods. Lisa says, “If you can imagine the discovery of peanut butter and jelly, it’s much like that. Mediators and their clients are finding that visual communication and mediation are better together.”

Mediators interested in developing these leading edge methods can visit to learn more.