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The Art of Facilitation

Washington, DC  
November 15-17th, 2019 - $1,950 (Before Oct. 15th $1,350)  

Location: WWF Building, 1250 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037 
This highly experiential training is designed to accelerate the knowledge, skills, ability, presence and confidence of consultants and facilitators to make a dramatic difference. 
Would you like to:  

• Make more of an impact by enhancing how you support groups to get work done?

• Deepen your presence to be able to stand in the eye of the storm of resistance, chaos and confusion and really make a difference?

• Support systemic changes and manage complexity and the unknown in collaborative, innovative and lasting ways? 

Desired Outcomes: This training will strive to support you in achieving the following outcomes:  

1. Practice working with the underlying dynamics that drive individual, group, organizational, and large system behavior.  

2. Develop techniques for encouraging experimentation and risk taking while applying proven methods for maximizing creativity, innovation and enhanced engagement.

3. Build capability in designing and facilitating comprehensive complex and collaborative change, respond adaptively and see with greater clarity a pathway forward in the chaos and confusion.

4. Develop confidence in standing in the eye of the storm of challenging group dynamics, meet and manage resistance.  

5. Enhancing your Presence, Mindfulness and fuller use of yourself in your work. 

Dr. John Griffin, CEO and Founder of Three Mountain Group, has over three decades of experience facilitating organizational change and building leadership and management capacity in over 45 countries worldwide.  He is known for supporting individuals and groups to explore and unlock what drives leadership, change, innovation and collaboration. The majority of his work has been on addressing complex conservation initiatives. John has taught both internally in organizations and at some of the premier training centers including Georgetown University, Esalen, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and Gestalt International Study Center. John’s clients have included the United Nations, the World Bank, Fortune 500 Companies, NASA, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and several United States and Global Government and Non-Profit Institutions. John and his clients have worked on vital global issues in need of systemic change in virtually every sector impacting some of the world's most complicated issues with creative, tangible and lasting results.  John is passionate about photography and spending as much time in nature as possible. 

Event Date and Time: 
Friday, November 15, 2019 - 8:00am
Event Location: 
WWF Building, 1250 24th St NW
Washington DC, DC 20037 
United States
Event Type: 
Facilitators Training