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April 2020 IFVP BOD Meeting!

Today, Saturday May 9 2020 we, the members of the IFVP Board of Directors, had our monthly meeting at:
06:00 am Chicago
07:00am New York City
07:00 am Santiago de Chile
08:00 am Buenos Aires
1:00 Frankfurt, Madrid, Utrech and Bilbao
6:00 pm Bangkok 
7:00 pm Shanghai 
9:00 pm Melbourne 

This was the fourth meeting of 2020 and Eveline Mos, from Utrecht, Netherlands was our graphic recorder.

As in every meeting, Kim Dornisch (our Scrum Mistress) guided us through the Sprint.
Today, our focus was:
- The IFVP 2020 Strategy: Investing in New Beginnings. Frank Wesseler introduced us to a methodology on how to define realistic and actionable KPIs for each project.
- Leah Silverman, our Treasurer (surrounded by her two dogs), gave us the latest update on the Financial Report. Despite Covid-19, things look good.
- Sunny Ben Belkacem and Leah shared the status of the 2020 Virtual Conference (lots of news coming up soon!), the OLS Series (after the big success of Avril and Heather, during the 3rd episode), and Kristine Neckelmann shared her plan for the OLS Series en Español!
- Miryam Artola shared the almost-final draft of the History of the IFVP (yep! she has gathered 25 years of history in a beautiful document) and Tul Lekutai share the IFVP GuideBook, which will be our presentation card to the world.
- Dr. B (Phil Bakelaar) gave us an update about the amazing work they are making at the IFVP Institute.
- Brandon Black led us through his plan for the upcoming newsletter (coming up in June, stay tuned!).
- We committed ourselves to over 150 hours of work for the coming month.
- In this meeting we introduced a Check-in question and a Check-out question beautifully led by Sabine Soeder.
- And, last but not least, we sang Happy Birthday (each one in our own language, but at the same time) to Renatta Algalarrondo.

Those are the news from the trenches! Till next meeting!
José Luis Anzizar, Buenos Aires



not bored with this board

It's not easy to get up at 6am on a Saturday (or any day for that matter) but meeting with this fabulous Board of Directors is a treat. Sabine started us out with something that made us laugh recently and the mood was set from there. Some serious conversations ensued but the camaraderie we have together makes the work easy. I left the meeting tired but smiling. Thanks for taking notes today, Jose. Happy birthday, dear Renatta and get well soon, Launa!