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2018 Board of Directors Nominations


Who are you going to nominate?
Do you know an IFVP member who impresses you with their talents in planning and developing? Are they good at identifying needs, designing impactful projects, and implementing? Are they thoughtful about the needs of the IFVP visual practice field and inspire you with their insights? Are they wondering how they can contribute to the field of visual practitioners, thinking about ways they can lead, share, and mentor those in the field? Do they have experience working on a Board of Directors, leading change and delivering on goals? Might this be you?
What’s the Commitment?
  • Serve a two-year term of service
  • Chair a committee, work on on-going projects,
  • Attend monthly two (2) hour virtual meeting, currently every second Saturday from 9:00-11:00 EDT.
  • Convene committee members monthly for one (1) hour meeting to check in, update progress and make decisions.
  • Invest an average of ten (10) hours monthly on projects: managing, designing, implementing, and following up.
  • Contribute to the newsletter by writing short pieces to share committee work, status updates, and projects with the membership.
Here is more information about the board of director role and 2018 committee descriptions. You can view the Strategic Vision here
When are Nominations due?
Nominations are due Friday, August 10, 2018. If you are interested, fill out a nomination form.  Self-nominations are encouraged!
Who decides who will serve on the board?  
You, the membership, does! By submitting nominations and by electing the members that you think will best serve the IFVP, you will decide who the new board members will be.
Click here to complete the online application for Board of Directors Nominations
What is this current board striving for?
We aim to find board members who:
  • Possess expertise in the following areas: technology expertise, financial management, marketing, volunteer engagement, membership, programming;
  • Have an interest in filling an officer position or being apprenticed for the role of Treasurer or Secretary. The role of Treasurer is currently open and, in June Jill Greenbaum will roll off of the board and open the role of Board Secretary;
  • Have passion for the IFVP and all things Visual Practice;
  • Bring diversity in experience and perspective to our board and/or committees.
Most importantly we care deeply about the IFVP and we want to connect our members with others who feel the same. Join us to support and promote visual practitioners and our growing professional field. Be a part of something that will grow and influence the voice we make in the visual practice field. Help us in drawing the world together to think and work better through the power of visuals.



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