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2016 Scholars

Congratulations to the 2016 Scholars!


Renee Andriani | My website: Andriani.jpg

Why I am excited to be a 2016 Scholar: I attended the IFVP Conference in Austin last year as a newcomer to the graphic recording field, and had my expectations exceeded in every way...the talent, energy and enthusiasm that this group possesses is matched only by their friendliness and moral support! I am BEYOND thrilled to be a 2016 IFVP scholar, and am excited to attend this year with some experience under my belt, a wealth of new questions to ask, and anticipation for the learning ahead! This is an exciting field that brings so much to the way we all communicate and share, and I'm so pleased and proud to be a part of it.



John Bloch |  My website: Bloch.jpg

Why I am excited to be a 2016 Scholar: I'm delighted I'll be using my graphic design experience to help produce his year's program—and to work with the cool group from DC!





Tanya Gerber | My website: Tanya Gerber.jpg

*Photo: David Faltenhine






Alison Kent | My website:  http://listen-ink.netAlison Kent.jpg

Why I am excited to be a 2016 Scholar: "I'm very honored to have been selected as an IFVP scholar for 2016. This is a great organization that welcomes people of all levels. I'm so grateful to have found this field!"





Avril Orloff | My website: Orloff.jpg

Why I am excited to be a 2016 Scholar: I’m honoured to have been chosen for an IFVP scholarship because it feels like an affirmation that my contributions are seen as useful and valuable. I also love that it gives me a chance to work with the conference team to create an unforgettable experience. And most of all, I’m just super-excited to be with my “tribe” again - the coolest people in the world!   

*Photograph by Monique de St. Croix




Emily Jane Steinberg | my website: www.emilyYES.comEmily Jane Steinberg.jpg

Why I am excited to be a 2016 Scholar: I am both humbled and honored to be able to attend IFVP 2016 as a scholar this year. This is a real gateway for me, as I journey ever deeper into the tribe of the scribe, and I'm truly looking forward to being of service while continuing to learn and grow.